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Seeking To Improve Your Life?     
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If your life has been impacted by a traumatic loss, accident, injury or assault, or you have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), you would be well served by looking into Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR).   I am an advanced TIR and LSR (Life Stress Reduction) facilitator and trainer. Clients come to see me looking for an effective and efficient approach to reducing the “charge” that past events can impose on life.  If you have been seeking therapy to improve your life then explore the work of Applied Metapsychology, which can be grouped into three areas: trauma relief with TIR; Life Stress Reduction (LSR); and advanced life enhancement with Ability Enhancement (AE) facilitation.

An initial meeting will explain how Applied Metapsychology techniques work and how they are different from other forms of therapy.  When the introductory session is complete (at NO CHARGE) a client may decide to proceed with an intake interview.

Sessions are scheduled to give the client the time needed to review issues/incidents with no interruptions.  Our sessions will not be finished until you have reached a positive end point.  This can mean that sessions may run somewhat longer at times, or even somewhat shorter than expected. 

Each TIR, LSR or AE session has the goal of releasing mental and emotional “charge”.  The overall goal of our work together is, through the release of charge, and subsequent insights gained, to empower the client to take control of his/her life.  We know that the client is having success when s/he is making decisions and changes in his/her life.

Many clients ask: “How long will it take?” Of course, it all depends on what “it” is.  Clients who come with one major concern have achieved their goal in a short number of sessions (3-5).  Others who have a more complex life with several incidents and issues may spend 15 to 20 (sometimes even up to 40) sessions achieving their life stress reduction goals.  However, the important fact is: this is not an indefinite process.  This work is focussed and effective.  With a willing and committed client who does the work required, your goal can be achieved and in a reasonable period of time.  Facilitators of TIR, LSR and AE work to empower their client who can then take responsibility for his/her case progress and life.  We do NOT encourage client dependency. This is one of the key principles and reasons for the effectiveness of these techniques.

Could you benefit from TIR, LSR and AE?
The short answer is that almost everyone can benefit from these empowering techniques.  Self awareness and insights can allow each one to expand his/her own potential.  I was a successful school principal when I first received LSR sessions.  That was over 20 years ago.  Applied Metapsychology techniques have allowed me to achieve greater goals with better results.  You do not have to find life a challenge to benefit from receiving these sessions. However, if life is not what you have dreamed of and wanted, TIR may be exactly what you have been searching for. Read more about TIR/LSR here.

Please call me if you have questions. I am always happy to speak with you about this subject and, if you would like, we can arrange a free introductory session.