—  What Do Margaret's Students Say  ——————————————————————————

The following are written testimonials from Margaret's students. Her teaching style and supervision of student sessions (co-facilitation) are recognized as highly effective in conveying the knowledge and skills of this subject. They also mention the quality of the teaching materials and manuals and give glowing reviews for the venue and the Nelsons' hospitality.

"Eye opening. A really useful tool that I will immediately implement into my daily practice. ... I liked it all."      Todd S., MSW, RSW

"In essence the subject matter was expertly taught and presented and gave the opportunity to build competency through experiential means. (What I particularly liked:) Evidence-based approach that proved to me its validity and consistency in dealing with seemingly intractable issues in a respectful and caring manner."
Paul M., MA, (C)OACCPP, Counsellor

"I have been looking for a modality that would address the source of the problems encountered in people's everyday lives. I have found this through this technique. ... This workshop provided me with the ability to use this technique in my own practice. The trainer was knowledgeable, prepared, well-spoken, explained things well, thoughtful, and provided good examples and material to reference afterwards."       Darlene B., MSW, RSW

"TIR training was a fantastic learning experience and ... highly valuable set of techniques & interventions available to help people get relief from intrusive, unresolved adversity. Thanks so much Margaret for your enthusiasm and top notch teaching skills!"       Jessica S, MA, OT Reg.(Ont.)

"Fabulous! Margaret is a superb trainer. (What I particularly liked:) the venue, content, group size, interactive work, practice opportunities, overall respectfulness."      Barbra M.

"Amazing experience to practice and receive the techniques rather than lecture and head knowledge only. Excellent material, well presented and organized. Great setting ..."     Kathy K, MSW, RSW

"Fantastic and in line with my professional values/morals. Unique in that we were able to practice in a real setting. Fantastic space which allowed/enhanced learning and comfortability. Very Satisfied! Thank you very much!"       Maxime V., BA

"I have by far exceed any goals I had anticipated. I have learned a clear, concise approach to reducing traumatic incidents, which in turn allows people to obtain a level of normalcy. There is a beauty to what TIR offers."      Angela E.

"The program was well organized and well taught. I love that this workshop leaves me with knowledge and skills and confidence to apply to my life and my profession. For once, I am leaving a workshop feeling my time was well spent. Thanks so much!"      Carla C.

"The workshop was fantastic. I felt the material was extremely relevant to the work that I do. Seeing and participating in the Unblocking and TIR sessions from both perspectives -- this provided great insight as a facilitator in both this modality and as youth counselor. I walk away from this experience fully satisfied and confident that I / the workshop / Margaret&Harry -- fulfilled my intended goals and expectations."
Jolene C., Youth Mental Health Counselor

"I feel much more equipped to help clients recover from trauma and also to help them understand and resolve emotional/core beliefs that have lingered. The TIR techniques are valuable and I will start using them in my practice as soon as I get back to work. I accomplished a great deal in 4 days."      Pauline H., MA (Psych), Counsellor

"Very practical workshop, great learning opportunity. ... Great trainer!"      Lucia B., PhD, C.Psych.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time, experience, learnings, environment ... I can't express enough how much this workshop exceeded my expectations! ... Margaret, you are truly inspiring!"      Brenda B.

"I am very impressed with this technique. It's efficient, effective and very respectful of the individual in the process."      Laurie T.

"Margaret is an excellent trainer & facilitator. The training location was very comfortable, relaxing, conducive to the training experience. I appreciated how supportive & affirming Margaret was as I worked to learn TIR. The opportunity for 'hands-on' practice was so valuable. It was a safe & honouring environment in which to learn. Thank you so much Margaret for sharing your expertise & for how affirming and caring you are in helping us to learn."
Sarah W., M.Sc., Marriage and Family Therapist

"It is eye-opening to know that there is a technique that allows the client to make their own connections that are present for them. My role is still significant, but not as intrusive to their own insights or release of charge. Very useful with so many clients."
Janice K., BHSC, I.C.A.D.C., Addiction Counsellor

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