—  What Do Margaret's Students Say (continued) —————————————————————

"Great 4 days. Well balanced between theory and real life situations for practice. I feel I have a very usable technique that I can start to use immediately. [What I particularly liked ..] The use of real situations for experiential work; it was done in a very respectful and professional manner. Thank You."      Jeff F., MSW, RSW

"It was a wonderful balance of theory, practical information and practical experience -- all delivered in an ideal location. I was surprised and delighted with respect to the elegance of these techniques -- simplicity & effectiveness. Margaret is truly a gifted trainer."      Cathy S., EdD

"Everything was fantastic. Wonderful job by Margaret -- awesome trainer!!! ... All of it -- presentation, delivery, trainer, content, model, research materials ... my new found paradigm is fabulous -- like a pair of pants, my favorite jeans on a Sunday morning. ... After 26 years of working in trauma, it is a relief to find both an approach and a structured model that fits so effortlessly."
Rebekkah, A., Therapist,

"All of my goals were completely met & +++ more. This is a completely amazing approach which can immediately be integrated into practice. This training challenged how I thought about practice in trauma work."      Ian R., MSW, RSW

"It was a wonderful, wonderful workshop and I thank Margaret for making it so interesting, educational and enlightening (fun too!)" Patricia H.

"I am very pleased how organized and systematic the process is. In addition, having the opportunity to deliver and receive the sessions was unbelievable. Thank You."       Diana S., MSW, RSW

"I am delighted to have found a process by which I am able to be centered and un-triggered by the telling of other people's trauma."
Bonita J, Crisis Counsellor

"Thank you so much for providing such an amazing workshop! Your knowledge, experience and care made this a very powerful experience for me. I feel empowered to help myself and others with the new tools you have shared."      Sylvia K., MEd

"I have met all (my) set goals. I have grown/healed from past traumas and feel so amazed at having experienced it. I couldn't have asked for a better workshop. Thank you so much, and yes, the food was awesome!" Francine T., MEd

"Excellent. Exceeded my expectations, and so I am thrilled at my results. I feel as though I have an effective tool finally, to educate survivors of trauma incidents which ultimately can lead to true healing. … This workshop exceeded my expectations. I feel as though I have absolutely added to my skill set, and I look forward to applying these skills to my practice. Chi Miigwetch! (A big thank you!)"
Carleen J., MSW, Trauma Support Counselor

"Workshop exceeded my expectations. The process of TIR allows for quicker release of charge than I would have imagined. Wonderful." Darlene G., Counselor

"I am totally inspired by Margaret and Harry's passion for and knowledge about TIR. I think Margaret is a highly intelligent and well organized leader and facilitator. She knows how to create a safe container within which I can fumble, explore, fall and stand up again. I feel equipped to start a new journey in my professional life. Thank you!"
Adela G., MEd, Counsellor

"My training was just right for me; enough theory, enough practice. This has been a wonderful experience for me."      Deborah S, MA, RSW

"I got much more than I expected. It was a fabulous experience for me. I believe the skills I learned here are going to make a difference for my clients."      Y.C., Counsellor

"Amazing four days! The techniques are fantastic and it is unbelievable how well they work. ... Thank you Margaret and Harry for allowing your home to become a learning sanctuary."      Else S., M.Psych, Counsellor

"Learning TIR was quite an awakening experience even though I have been working as a professional counsellor for years."      
K.T., Counsellor

"Impressive powerful techniques ..."      Sylvie F., PhD, Psychotherapist

"Margaret is so insightful and caring. Margaret and Harry have created an ideal space for professional development and enhanced learning. The training has exceeded my expectations. ... A lot of information is compressed in 4 days but delivered in a way that builds confidence and TIR skills. The opportunity to conduct break-out sessions in individual rooms elevates the training experience to a higher level. Thank you so very much for providing this training."      Carla G., MEd

"The gains achieved are way more than expected. ... Amazing, Fantastic Experience!!!"      Elisabeth H., Ph.D.

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